Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

Mount Pleasant Computer Center removes thousands of viruses and malicious software infections each year.  As virus removal professionals, we see firsthand the devastation caused by the loss of data, privacy and/or money from these programs.  If your computer is infected, we can help.  Our proprietary removal process is successful 99.9% of the time, without the loss of your personal or business data.

It is important to note there is no universal trick to virus and spyware removal; what removes a virus on one machine may be ineffective in solving your computer problems. Also, we often see the initial problems compounded by well-meaning friends or relatives providing removal advice they found on the Internet.

Rather than spending a lot of time and energy using these “self-help” techniques that often end in frustration, schedule a service call with the Mount Pleasant Computer Center by using our Scheduler application.  You’ll be glad you did.

How Can I Protect Myself from Computer Viruses

While there is no single “magic-bullet” that will protect you from the vast array of malicious software in circulation today, you can greatly reduce your chances of becoming infected by following a few simple steps.

1.  Purchase and Install Anti-Virus Software

A high-quality anti-virus software application provides protection on multiple levels. Not only should it repel the most obvious threats such as “worms, Trojan-horse and/or “bot” type infections, it should also identify and remove much more common (yet equally dangerous) malware like toolbars, browser-re-directors and/or pop-up advertisements. The software must be able to do this in “real-time” without consuming so many computer resources that the user is unable to perform any other tasks while the software is running.

2.  Keep Your Software Up-to-date

The majority of computer malware takes advantage of well-documented security vulnerabilities that exist in the common software you use everyday.  If you’ve ever wondered why you have to update “Java” all the time, this is the reason.  By using the most current versions of these applications you will avoid the vast majority of malicious software in circulation.

3.  Be Vigilant and Apply Common Sense

Surprisingly the best defense against all of the potential threats facing your computer is YOU!  By educating yourself and maintaining a general awareness of “normal” computer behavior, it becomes easier to identify “abnormal” situations.