Professional Software Installation in Mount Pleasant and Charleston

Installing new software on your computer can be confusing and time-consuming, yet it is vital in order to maintain your computer and keep your business running efficiently. Mount Pleasant Computer Center’s software installation services will streamline the process and optimize your software for your needs.

Level 1

A lot of free software is available on the internet, but how do you know that your download source is reliable? Our professional software installation technicians will download and install secure, reliable software to your computer. With our Level 1 software service, one of our technicians will download up to 5 free programs to enhance your PC’s performance and security.

Level 2

If you’ve purchased new software, a Mount Pleasant Computer Center professional can quickly and easily install it on your system.  When you first install a program, the built-in installer asks many questions that you may not know the answer to. With our Level 2 software service, one of our technicians will install and optimize your software for your personal needs.

Level 3


Complex software requires technical support from the software company for proper installation.  However, unlike the friendly technicians at Mount Pleasant Computer Center, many IT professionals have a hard time giving directions in plain English. Our Level 3 software service will act as your personal IT interpreter and work with the software company’s customer support to set up your software.

Mount Pleasant Computer Center is dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive computer services at reasonable prices. Our software installation rates vary according to the level of skill and involvement required to install them.