New Computer Set-up for Mount Pleasant and Charleston Homes and Offices

So, you bought a new computer from a Mount Pleasant computer dealer. Wouldn’t it be nice if your new PC were personalized for your needs the first time you turn it on? Setting up a new computer can be a hassle, and often times, you may not even be sure you’re doing it correctly. The experts at Mount Pleasant Computer Center can set up your new computer and simplify the process with our new PC set up services.

Connect and Configure

Our technicians will take the time to find out your needs and how you will be using the computer. You could spend hours connecting your new computer to your existing network and your other hardware. Our new computer set-up service will properly and securely connect your new computer to your networks and other office hardware. We’ll then configure your computer and set it up to any networks, printers, or other IT equipment you use.

File Transfer

Your old computer may have important files, music, pictures, or other data that you will still need to access frequently. Mount Pleasant Computer Center can download your data off of your old hard drive and transfer it to your new PC to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Remove Trial Programs

New computers often come with trial and free programs already installed on the operating systems. While including these programs may lower the price of your PC through sponsors, they also slow your computer speed and increase your boot up time. Mount Pleasant Computer Center will remove unnecessary programs and optimize your new computer’s start up and running speed.

With the help of Mount Pleasant Computer Center, you won’t have to waste time setting up your new PC. Contact us today and one of our technicians will personalize your PC!