Professional Hardware Installation in Mount Pleasant and Charleston

It can be intimidating to install new hardware if you have little or no experience working on computers. Bring your hardware to Mount Pleasant Computer Center and we will install it quickly and properly.

Increase PC RAM

The Mount Pleasant Computer Center staff is highly experienced in upgrading and replacing PC memory. Increasing the RAM in your computer could increase your PC speed and prevent crashes.  We can recommend compatible memory for your PC, install it, and test it to ensure it’s operating correctly.

Replace cracked laptop screen

Laptop screens can be very fragile, which can be a problem when you’re carrying it around everywhere. If your laptop screen cracked and you’re considering buying a new laptop instead of replacing your laptop screen, call Mount Pleasant Computer Center first! We could save you hundreds of dollars with our laptop screen replacement services.

Add a new monitor to your OS

Sometimes, one monitor just isn’t enough for your operating system. Many Charleston and Mount Pleasant businesses use two monitors for each PC to enhance their level of work and optimize productivity. Mount Pleasant Computer Center will set up your dual monitors with efficiency to increase your home or work computer’s display.

We offer a wide-range of hardware installation services in Mount Pleasant, including:

  • RAM installation and upgrades
  • Installing LCD screens
  • Adding dual-monitors to your PC
  • Installing DVD and CD drives
  • Install new wireless and video cards
  • Install power supply

Mount Pleasant Computer Center always recommends trying to repair your hardware before replacing it. Contact us to discuss your hardware repair and replacement options!