Secure, Online Data Backup and Recovery Services

Online Back-up

Your pictures, files, and applications are vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and general hardware failures. If your PC crashes and your data has not been backed up recently, you could spend thousands of dollars attempting to recover it.  Automatic system back-up through remote backup companies offer secure and inexpensive online backup solutions. That way, if your hard drive crashes or is destroyed, your data is just a click away from recovery.

Let us assist you in securing your most valuable data against loss from mechanical failure, disgruntled employees or malicious viruses.  It is much less expensive to keep your files secure than it is to restore them once they have been damaged or deleted.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Most data loss is caused by physical damage to your PC or internal corruption of files and programs. Forensic data recovery requires highly experienced professionals. Otherwise your hard drive could end up more damaged and your data will be completely inaccessible.

The majority of PC users don’t take the time to back up their data. If you didn’t back up your data and your hard drive crashed, our data recovery company offers expert data recovery services. The data retrieval process is a very specialized skill, and there is no guarantee that your files will be restored. Our data recovery specialists will never charge you a service fee until they’re sure that they can restore your data.

Mount Pleasant Computer Center’s data back-up and recovery services can help with:

  • Secure PC back-up
  • Hard drive restore
  • Hard drive data retrieval
  • Virus infected computers
  • Disaster recovery

If your computer crashes and you haven’t backed up your PC recently, you’re at risk losing all of your files and data. Contact Mount Pleasant Computer Center today to learn more about our affordable backup options!